My Long-Lost Son 

My Long-Lost Son 


A Little About Me

I have been taking “pictures” since high school and later worked as a photographer to help pay my way through college; but then careers and family and life interrupted that pursuit. Now many years later and with the time and resources available, I have resurrected that effort.

I retired from working in publishing and previously retired as a military aviator and moved from Baltimore to Arizona in 2002.

About 10 years ago after many years of shooting on film, I switched to digital photographic equipment. Now, I can spend time working on the creativity of photography instead of processing film and dealing with the complexities of the wet darkroom. But I still have my trusty 35mm and 4x5 view cameras, and lately I have dabbled with printing platinum/palladium images.

I'm a juried member of the Sonoran Arts League, a member of the Art Intersection in Gilbert and the Texas Photographic Society. I have also  attended several sessions at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop.

I have recently been in several group photographic shows as a member of the Arizona Sonoran Arts League and have been awarded two honorable mentions and placed second in local photo competitions.

I live in Cave Creek, Arizona with my wife Andrea Markowitz (who is an accomplished playwright) and two canine children in rural Maricopa County, in the midst of the amazing Sonoran Desert.